JVM - jps

Lists the instrumented Java Virtual Machines (JVMs of HotSpot) on the target system.
只能列出当前用户的java 进程, 不能列出其它用户的.

  1. A jstatd process is assumed to be running on the target host.
  2. The jps command uses the Java launcher to find the class name and arguments passed to the main method. If the target JVM is started with a custom launcher, then the class or JAR file name and the arguments to the main method are not available. In this case, the jps command outputs the string Unknown for the class name or JAR file name and for the arguments to the main method.
  3. The command only lists the JVMs for which the principle has access rights as determined by operating system-specific access control mechanisms.


jps –l remote.domain
jps –m remote.domain:2002 (see jstatd –n)
jps -v //列出启动时的参数

Refer: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/technotes/tools/windows/jps.html

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