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时序数据的偏离监测 异常监测 Time Series Data Anomaly Detection

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人工智能 李开复谈AI如何重塑个人 商业与社会的未来图谱 读书笔记

  1. 为什么投资人不喜欢人型机器人?越像人,人类越把它和人做比较,结果技术的不足越容易体现,在"缺点放大镜"下,它就变的非常愚蠢. 反而那些带有人工智能的家电, 能得到人的长期接受. --- 人的类比心理?
  2. 如何定义人工智能? 智慧大于18岁成人? 还是某些特定方面比人类聪明?
  3. 人类是怎么思考的? 人工智能又是怎么思考的? 如果结果是对的, 又何必拘泥于方式? 飞机并非最后仿照鸟拍翅膀.
  4. 人类: 认识 -> 研究 -> 推理. 机器: 学习 -> 分类, 归纳, 总结 -> 推理, 人类纠偏.

chrome extension: Run Your JavaScript

Run Your JavaScript is a chrome extension, with it you can build your chrome extension features.

what's it?
it is a chrome extension to run your own Javascript with extension's advantages.

why use it?

  1. it can simplify your development. Normally you access third party APIs in your web server by given user name or token, and your web page call your web server API, but with this extension, you can call third party APIs on chrome, like web page access them, no need extra user name & token, just login on third party web page;
  2. use chrome proxy automatically, especially with 2FA authentication proxy.
  3. Access 3rd party API without Cross-Origin Resource Sharing issue.

how use it?
write your Javascript and put it on your web server, then put the Javascript link in this extention, and give it a name, then you can expect it to run.

is it safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe, you can view all the source code on github;

source code:

find it in chrome store: