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关于 Java Cert, keystore

keytool -list -v -keystore $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/cacerts Java default password: changeit

openssl s_client -connect


Plain vanilla is an adjective describing the simplest version of something, without any optional extras, by analogy with vanillaice cream, the default flavour.

DNS some keywords

  1. Name servers host a domain’s DNS information in a text file called the zone file. They’re are also known as Servers of
    Authority (SOAs)
  2. On Linux (and probably most Unix), there is no OS-level DNS caching unless nscd is installed and running. Even then, the DNS caching feature of nscd is disabled by default at least in Debian because it's broken. The practical upshot is that your linux system very very probably does not do any OS-level DNS caching.
  3. An AAAA record is just like an A record, but for IPv6 IP addresses. A typical AAAA record looks like the following:


涉及 IBM 的J9 JVM 的三种 dump 类型

Memory Analyzer can currently work with three dump types:

  1. IBM Portable Heap Dump (PHD): This proprietary IBM format contains
    only the type and size of each Java object in the process, and the
    relationships among the objects. This dump-file format is
    significantly smaller than the other formats and contains the least
    information. The data is usually sufficient, though, for diagnosing
    memory leaks and getting a basic understanding of the application's
    architecture and footprint.
  2. HPROF binary dump: The HPROF binary format contains all the data
    present in the IBM PHD format as well as the primitive data held
    inside the Java objects, and the thread details. You can look at the
    values held in fields inside the objects and see which methods were
    being executed at the time the dump was taken. The additional
    primitive data makes HPROF dumps significantly larger than
    PHD-format dumps; they are approximately the same size as the used
    Java heap.
  3. IBM system dumps: When the IBM Java runtime is being used, the
    native operating-system dump file — a core file on AIX® or Linux, a
    minidump on Windows®, or a SVC dump on z/OS®— can be loaded into
    Memory Analyzer. These dumps contain the entire memory image of the
    running application — all the information and data in the HPROF
    format, as well as all of the native-memory and thread information.
    This is the largest and most comprehensive dump-file format.

Both IBM dump types are available only with the Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) plug-in installed