Bash Pocket Reference - History

1979 年 随Unix V7 发布的 Bourne Shell变成了shell 脚本的标准, 如今许多商用 Unix 上还可以发现 /bin/sh.

因为 Berkeley C shell (csh) 提供了更多用于交互的特性, 如 command history, job control, 很长一段时间, Unix 上Bourne shell 都用作编程, Berkeley C shell 用作交互;
贝尔实验室的 David Korn 不断的给 Bourne Shell 提供增强的特性, 最后超过了 Bourne Shell 和 Berkeley C shell, 并且兼容前二者;
如今 POSIX 定义的 标准Shell 基于 Bourne Shell, 并且从 Korn Shell 中提取一部分特性;

The Free Software Foundation, in keeping with its goal to produce a complete Unix work-alike system, developed a clone of the Bourne shell, written from scratch, named “Bash,” the Bourne-Again SHell. Over time, Bash has become a POSIX-compliant version of the shell with many additional features overlapping those of the Korn shell, but Bash is not an exact Korn shell clone. Today, Bash is arguably the most widely used Bourne-derived shell.

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