[DevOps for Developers] 读书笔记1

dev & ops 分别对change的态度, 决定了...
devOps 是随着agile实践一步步发展而来, agile 先是在开发team, 后延续到ops team. 它强调的是合作, 沟通.

dev: change code, and want to delivery quickly to production;
ops: no change for production, keep it stable;

devops 概念的萌芽发展历程

  1. Patrick Debois coined the term DevOps in 2009 while organizing the
    DevOpsDays conference in Belgium.
  2. Patrick Debois ran a session called “Agile Operations and
    Infrastructure: How Infra-gile Are You?”4 at the Agile 2008
    conference in Toronto and published a paper with a similar name.
  3. Marcel Wegermann published a e-mail list called “Agile System
  4. John Allspaw gave a presentation called “10+ Deploys per Day: Dev
    and Ops Cooperation”7 at the Velocity 2009 conference in San Jose.
  5. Steven Blank published a book called Four Steps to the Epiphany.
  6. Eric Ries published The Lean Startup9 and others have written on the
    “lean startup” scene.
  7. The 451 Group published the first analyst report on DevOps (titled
    “The Rise of DevOps”10) in September 2010.

DevOps can be examined from the following overlapping perspectives:

  1. Metrics and measurement view: This aspect addresses quality and
    testing and stresses shared incentives.
  2. Process view: This aspect covers congruence and flow to gain fast
    feedback and set up a holistic process.
  3. Technical view: This aspect discusses fast feedback through
    automation, particularly automatic releasing, specification by
    example, and infrastructure as code.

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