JVM 的 debug 符号

下面内容是从 https://www.opsian.com/faq/ 页面抄的:

If you've downloaded a JVM from a normal distribution - for example Oracle, Azul or Adopt OpenJDK - then it will come with debug symbols built in. Many distributions do not ship debug symbols with their JDK packages, this will result in some features of the Opsian agent not being available. It is easy to install the debug packages.

Ubuntu - If you are using Java 11 then run apt install openjdk-11-dbg or if you're running Java 8 then run apt install openjdk-8-dbg
Red Hat / Centos - If you are running version 7 or later then you need to Enable the DebugInfo repository on Red Hat or Centos. Then you need to install the appropriate debug info package for your JDK version, for example yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk-debuginfo.x86_64 if you're using Java 8.

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