Maven 完全参考 学习笔记 (3) Project Object Model - 1

在线书 Project Object Model

  1. POM: things and actions. things in pom.xml and actions in your command and life cyle (phase, goal);
  2. The POM is also not specific to building Java projects;
  3. The POM contains four categories of description and configuration
    The Four Categories of POM
  4. The Super POM: All Maven project POMs extend the Super POM, which defines a set of defaults shared by all projects. This Super POM is a part of the Maven installation. it is in in ${M2_HOME}/lib/maven_*.jar;
  5. The Super POM defines some standard configuration variables that are inherited by all projects. Like central repo, plugin repo, folder structures, etc;
  6. The Effective POM: merge between the Super POM and your pom:$ mvn help:effective-pom;
  7. Project version: <major version>.<minor version>.<incremental version>-<qualifier>;
  8. Keeping your version numbers aligned with this standard will become very important when you want to start using version ranges in your POMs. or it will use String comparison;
  9. The qualifier exists to capture milestone builds: alpha and beta releases;
  10. Use "alpha-02" as qualifier, not "alpha-2", when you have "alpha-10";
  11. SNAPSHOT versions are used for projects under active development.
  12. Property References: preceded by a dollar sign and surrounded by two curly braces. ex: ${project.groupId}. could be: env, project, settings;

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